"We can't just separate and kill Tabb, but leaving them together puts both of them at risk."
―Doctor Senya Velop of Rhire Medical Academy, on Dwuir's request to separate from his other head, Tabb[src]

Senya Velop was a medical doctor who was working at the Rhire Medical Academy in 22 BBY, during the Separatist Crisis. During the time, a two-headed Troig named Dwuirsintabb, who lived on his species' homeworld, Pollillus, made headlines at HoloNet News when one of the two heads, Dwuir, requested surgical separation from the other, Tabb, whom Dwuir claimed was suicidal. Senya Velop commented on the story for HoloNet News; the doctor stated that galactic medical technology was not sufficient to allow both heads to survive a head-separation procedure, yet leaving the heads together left both at risk of death.