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The Seoularians were an extinct race of Humans that once ruled an area of space from their homeworld of Seoul 5.


Though they were wiped out in a cosmic war eons before the Battle of Yavin, many of their ruined outpost worlds remained, untouched by the wider galaxy. In 4 ABY their homeworld was discovered simultaneously by an Imperial party led by Captain Drezzel, and Han Solo and Chewbacca. Han conjectured that they may have been wiped out by a plague. The interest in the planet was due to three crystals used to power it. The Empire wanted to convert these crystals into weapons. Han prevented this by causing the three crystals to self-destruct, taking much of Seoul 5 with them. Finally, the last of the Seoularian worlds was destroyed.

Little is known of the Seoularians as a people; however, they did worship a goddess known as Mother Goddess Onrai, thought to be the mistress of the planet Notron, which was believed by the Seoularians to be the cradle of Human civilization.


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