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Vader's revelation

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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from "The Last Battle". Caution is advised.

"As Governor Tarkin can attest, our navy was still chasing Separatist holdouts as late as a year ago."
Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit, five years after the Clone Wars[src]

Separatist holdouts were the surviving military and governing segments of the Confederacy of Independent Systems that had retreated from the newly formed Galactic Empire as the Clone Wars drew to an end. Members of Separatist holdouts remained active in the fight against the Empire, which was lead by Sheev Palpatine, who orchestrated the reformation of the Republic into it as the Confederacy of Independent Systems began to retreat.


End of the Clone WarsEdit

The death of the Separatist leaders at the hands of Darth Vader forced the deactivation of the majority of its armed forces and ending the Clone Wars. Leading to the surrender of almost all remaining Separatist systems and sectors to the Empire, meanwhile remaining military and governing elements of the Confederacy began retreating.[2]

Resisting the EmpireEdit

Four years after the end of the Clone Wars, the Imperial Navy was still fighting and chasing after the holdouts, including one major campaign in the Western Reaches. The weapons and technology of the Separatists continued to be utilized after the war and were also studied by Imperial researchers.[2] Four years before the Battle of Yavin, Imperial cadets such as Zare Leonis imagined serving the Empire; fighting against Separatist holdouts, as well as pirates and slavers.[1]


Nearly fifty years after the Clone Wars and with all organized holdouts of the Confederacy long gone, despite this a discounted holdout existed due to an ion storm striking the Obrexta III during the war, a crashing the cruiser that was tasked with carrying the captured clone trooper CT-6116 from the planet Coruscant to Serenno. En route, the cruiser was attacked by Republic forces and heavily damaged. Knowing that the ship was in no shape to reach Serenno, a B1 battle droid called B1-CC14 activated the emergency beacon before jumping the ship to a random point through hyperspace. The jump took it to the desert planet Ponemah Terminal, where it fell into the planet's surface and B1-CC14 lost power. The cruiser would have some of its systems re-powered, including the emergency broadcast which caused a number of pirate groups to be attracted by the broadcast, believing the Obrexta III to contain the legendary lost treasure of Count Dooku. After one group of pirates managed to get aboard the vessel who thought that Dooku's treasure was the collection of Jedi lightsaber kyber crystals that the Count had collected, which were worth a massive fortune on the black market. B1-CC14, unaware that Clone Wars were long over, briefly powered back up and activated a fail-safe that would mobilize all B2 super battle droids on board to stop the intruders, thinking that they were the Republic clone troopers. As the pirates tried escaping, the battle droid would then deactivate again and was destroyed soon after when the Obrexta III exploded after the pirates escaped.[3]


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