Seprine was a female corporate transport pilot and captain working for Nebula Consumables in the Expansion Region and Mid Rim.[1]


Captain Seprine piloted a bulk freighter named Spiteful for Nebula Consumables, transporting food items ranging from the luxury to the mundane. Having a low opinion of smugglers who might attempt to steal her expensive cargoes, Seprine was not above calling local authorities on competitive smugglers to keep ahead in her business. She became infamous for her romantic relationships, having partnered with every male member of her crew—all of whom subsequently deferred to her command and showed signs of fear towards her. Seprine was also known to charm spacers only to use them for her own purposes.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

A haughty, confident, and condescending businessperson, Captain Seprine held smugglers and free-traders in low regard, and did not tolerate lawlessness. She took pleasure in manipulating others, especially in romantic contexts, and used friendly charm to get close to individuals in order to twist them to her purposes. Keen to remove rivals and competitors from her affairs, Seprine was known to send acquaintances off on a market tip that took them far from her territory, or else leave them in her wake once their usefulness had run out.

Seprine was considered highly attractive by many, and appeared especially stunning in her company uniform while working for Nebula Consumables. She typically carried a blaster pistol and a datapad, and piloted the bulk freighter Spiteful.[1]


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