Sera Tharen was the mother of Bria Tharen and Pavik Tharen, and married to Renn Tharen. She wrote a book entitled The Perfect Corellian Dinner Party.


Sera had been pushing Bria towards a marriage to Dael Levare, who was from one of the richest families on Corellia. When Bria dumped him for being unfaithful, Sera was furious with her for ruining the wedding plans. The falling out led to Bria leaving home and becoming a pilgrim on Ylesia.

When Bria returned to Corellia with Han Solo after escaping Ylesia, Sera and Pavik were disgusted by Bria's companion. With the arrival of the authorities investigating Solo — who had a death mark on his head from Teroenza — Bria and her mother had a falling out and never met or spoke again.



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