"The Task Force has reason to believe Dr. Lure had put in a request for new aquatic testing grounds, so the Alliance must be particularly careful to monitor the Design Team Beta's activities for the next few months."
Lieutenant Anson Blazer, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Sere Lure was a Chief Systems Engineer working for Hydrospeare Corporation.

An attractive, middle-aged female Sluissi of light green skin, commonly with a suit of Sluissi technician, Dr. Lure was one of the most notable aliens allowed (and willing) to work in the development of Imperial military technology. She has shown a trend to choose long projects such as those assigned to Design Team Beta.

Although considered a traitor by many Rebel-aligned Sluissi, Dr. Lure managed to get Sluis Van shipyard facilities for weapon testing, although with increase security. Another aquatic world used for those tests was Golh.

However, Dr. Lure and her assistant were ambushed by Sedrian Rebel operatives when she visited Golh for a test. Only Dr. Lure escaped, and the near-death experience led her to look for different worlds for the tests.

Rebel officer Anson Blazer of the Task Force on Alliance Security wrote a report on Dr. Lure around 2 ABY. Blazer considered her a threat for Rebel aquatic cells, although at the same time those cells were in a good position to spy her designs.

Dr. Lure's hissing speech usually hindered her explanations of abstract concepts, but she was proud of her heritage and never lessened her accent. Her boss, Dr. Tolum Harous, made an effort to learn Sluissese only to make her more comfortable.