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This article is about the prince. You may be looking for planet Serenno.

Prince Sereno was the leader of the Tofs. He led their galactic invasion of 4 ABY. The Tofs were pursuing the Nagai, a species they had formerly conquered and enslaved. After encountering them at Trenwyth and establishing a base at Saijo, the Tofs invaded Zeltros.

Repelled at Zeltros by a combined force, Sereno allied his forces with Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya to defeat the Rebel Alliance. During the Battle of Saijo, Sereno stayed with his royal court as his forces engaged in trench warfare with Alliance forces on the planet's surface.

As Sereno held audience with Lumiya, an Alliance task force infiltrated Sereno's Saijo palace. In an isolated firefight, Sereno panicked, yelling to his guards to protect him. Unfortunately for the Tof leader, the Jedi Luke Skywalker, armed with dual sabers, took the leader captive. Skywalker forced Sereno to call for a surrender, bringing an end to the Nagai–Tof War.



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