"Oh, not much, really. Snowmen crashing parties on freedom-loving worlds everywhere, a tariff increase on Brentaal has put imports in the can, bad year for hemmel crops on Delle II, and would you believe Serra Hailey is trying to revive her holo career?"
Gabriel, to Danna[src]

Serra Hailey was an actress in holovids, and considered by many to be a diva. She tried to revive her career during the Galactic Civil War, maintaining her beauty, and her fan base, well after the New Republic's founding.


Serra Hailey was a female holovid actress during the time of the Galactic Republic.[2] In 0 BBY, Hailey was attempting to revive her holovid career, which made the NewsNet headlines.[1] By 10 ABY, she had achieved her goal, starring in a number of maxi-series although some did consider her to be a little over the hill and a diva.[3]



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