The following is an email from Jason Fry responding to my query concerning the world of Servants of the Empire on 6 June 2015. He gave me his permission to reproduce on Wookieepedia to clarify certain questions on the Galactic Empire's speciesism, sexism, and military organization. His responses are highlighted in italics below. Andykatib 07:48, 6 June 2015 (UTC)

Source:  E-mail from Jason Fry, permission granted to postAttribution:  Jason Fry

Hey Andrew:

Answers in line. Sure, you can use this for reference purposes....

1) Is the Galactic Empire in the new Star Wars Canon humanocentric as in the old Expanded Universe? There is a "racist" character called Janus Fhurek, the athletic coach, who makes life difficult for Zare. Did his views reflect the ideology of the Empire or was it just his own prejudices? Zare's father Leo, who is a staunchly patriotic Imperial, seems to regard Fhurek as a small-minded bigot who would not be taken seriously in the Core Worlds.

Answered that in an interview here: Jason Fry keeps talking to us wired for the classics

2) Besides the Inquisitor, are there other Aliens serving in the ranks of the Empire? In the old Legends universe, some notable Alien Imperials included Grand Admiral Thrawn, Hethrir, and the Kaleesh Bentilais san Sk'ar. Back in 2007, Abel G Pena and Rich Handley wrote a two-part article called Aliens in the Empire that appeared in Star Wars Insider. The Rodian Tseebo from the Rebels series worked for the Imperial Information Office until he deserted. The Stormtrooper Corps, Army and Navy personnel seemed to mainly consist of Humans, both male and female. Unlike the old Legends Universe, the current Empire doesn't seem to discriminate against women. There are several female Imperial officers and off course there's Minister Maketh Tua. What are your thoughts on this matter?

TBD re aliens. Re women, nothing official to say but also addressed in link above.

3) In terms of military organization, the Imperial Army and the Imperial Navy seem to be separate organizations. Is the Stormtrooper Corps part of the Imperial Army? In the old Legends universe, they were considered a separate organization similar to the US Marine Corps. The novels and the Rebels TV series are also unclear about whether Commandant Aresko and Taskmaster Grint were part of the Army or Navy. Can you please clarify this issue?

TBD. One thing to keep in mind is cinematic storytelling vs. world-building/continuity. If you have Imperial soldiers as part of a story, you're going to use stormtroopers instead of the Imperial Army for impact, audience recognition, etc. Same goes for novels tied in with screen storytelling, such as the Servants of the Empire series. But whether that's artistic license or new continuity isn't something I can answer.

Sorry this isn't much. My communications with Story Group tend to be about specifics needed for storytelling, not larger continuity questions....

Thanks and best,


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