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Setkání v mlze (Mist Encounter) is a Czech language anthology published in July 2009 by EGMONT ČR. It contains 12 prequel-era stories and features a brand-new, officially approved cover art by Czech artist Jan Patrik Krásný. It contains the following stories:

  1. Darth Maul: Saboteur (by James Luceno)
  2. Elusion Illusion (by Michael A. Stackpole)
  3. The Pengalan Tradeoff (by Aaron Allston)
  4. League of Spies (by Aaron Allston)
  5. Equipment (by Matthew Stover)
  6. Hero of Cartao (by Timothy Zahn)
  7. Changing Seasons (by Timothy Zahn)
  8. Mist Encounter (by Timothy Zahn)
  9. In His Image (by Karen Traviss)
  10. Two-Edged Sword (by Karen Traviss)
  11. The Final Exit (by Patricia A. Jackson)
  12. Interlude at Darkknell (by Timothy Zahn & Michael A. Stackpole)

Full cover art.

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