Settle the Outer Rim was a propaganda poster created for the Republic Ministry of Economic Development by an unknown artist at Eleven Star Marketing, a Cato Neimoidia-based marketing firm allied with the Trade Federation. The poster attempted to appeal to the viewer's adventurism and sense of mystery to entice travelers to settle the Outer Rim by depicting a couple about to walk under a rocky arch on a desert world with two suns, with the words "The OUTER RIM Begin Again In A Golden Land of Opportunity" on the top left corner in big letters and "Republic incentives for the brave and hardy! New colonies and adventures await!" on the bottom left corner with the Galactic Republic's logo just below it, with both phrases being printed in the High Galactic alphabet.[1]

This marketing campaign was the result of collusion between Republic politicians and Trade Federation lobbyists. The goal was to push colonization of the Outer Rim, where colonists would be guided to Federation-controlled hyperspace routes. Along these routes the colonists would be subject to Federation tariffs and registration fees.[1]

Upon the discovery of Eleven Star Marketing's ties to the Federation, the administrative overlap was cited as "inevitable" by Republic politicians who met with Federation lobbyists.[1]

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Settle the Outer Rim is an in-universe artwork in the canon artbook Star Wars Propaganda: A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy. It was illustrated by Russell Walks.[1]


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