The Settlement Pact was a treaty forged among representatives of the Sauvax species native of the planet Leritor and of the Human colonist wanting to settle there during the days of the Galactic Republic.

When the initial Human survey team noticed the tribes, or kuuvans, of sentient Sauvax in the planet, they made contact and negotiated a deal. Both parties were peaceful peoples wanting to avoid violence.

The Sauvax tended to concentrate their villages, also known as kuuvans, in the coastal line of the planet, which was good for the Humans, who intended to farm the fertile inland plains. The Settlement Pact thus forbid Humans, starship and other off-world presences, including the settlers's combine-reapers, to approach beyond 100 kilometers to the coastline; the Sauvax were not similarly restricted, so that the locals could freely approach the Human land should they wanted to trade, learn about their culture or ask for help. In certain situations, the Sauvax could invite an ambassador to visit their kuuvans, but this was not the norm.

In several years, both the Human settlers and the Sauvax respected the Settlement Pact, and there was no conflict among them. However, a Dark Side Adept known as Profex Rynalla attacked a Human combine-reaper, leaving behind traditional Sauvax weapons. By doing so, Rynalla intended to unleash a war among the Humans and the Sauvax while searching for a lost Sith artifact. A Sauvax kuuvan mobilized to demand an explanation to the Humans because of the supposed breach of the Treaty, although eventually Rynalla was discovered and an open war was avoided.