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The Sevari were the Human native habitants of the spice rich Sevarcos II. Not much was known of their history, but it was speculated that they were the descendants of an expedition that took place early in the history of the Galactic Republic. Historical data suggest a connection between the Sevari and a colony ship called the Sevari Cabal which was lost.

Society and cultureEdit

The Sevari lived in clans that oversaw the mining and trading of spice, although the Empire controlled it during the Galactic Civil War, each clan having its own rigid social structure. Arranged intermarriages to avoid feuds were quite common. Each clan was ruled by a much respected clan leader, who in turn was subordinate to a clan lord who maintained stability over multiple augmentative clans. The strongest clan lords were granted the title of spice lords.

The clans in the Southern Deserts were largely nomadic, while those of the Northern Frontier lived in the shelters of the mining operations in the mountains. The clans of the Equatorial Belt were typically the most wealthy due to the rich abundance of spice in that area. The clans would meet annually at the Festival of the High Winds, where the Sevari would hold religious ceremonies and participate in wind race tournaments, while the Spice Lords discussed space mining and trade.


The Sevari shunned modern technology and preferred ancient technology reminiscent of what was seen in the early days of the Old Republic, such as sail driven repulsorlift vehicles, referred to as wind riders. They would also make use of flashpistol technology rather than blaster weapons.

Spice narcosisEdit

The Sevari had developed immunity towards the effects of spice, but were prone to going into spice narcosis when venturing off the planet into spice free atmospheres.

Known SevariEdit

The Sevari were rather reclusive and secretive and only few were well known outside of the Sevari society. Three prominent Sevari Spice Lords during the Galactic Civil War were Xerxes Quintas of the Southern Deserts, Cassius Nolath Rha of the Equatorial Belt, and Lady Trevael of the Northern Frontier.