Seven card comet was a high stakes card game popular during the Galactic Civil War. Unlike its contemporaries, such as Sabacc, the game used conventional paper based cards. Havet Storm won a large amount of credits in a game of Seven Card Comet on Toprawa while trying to escape the planet.


The gaming table was separated into six sections, including the Star table, the Asteroid table and the Comet's tail.

At the start of each hand players were dealt seven cards. The objective of the game was to build hands on each of the six separate sections of the gaming table. Dealing duties alternated between players each hand and the dealer was given the privilege of nominating which section of the table was played upon during that hand.

Players had to build up hands on the table that consisted of multiple 'winning lines' comprising three card runs or three of a kind. The player with the most winning lines on the section in play won the hand - and the credits at stake on it.

After every hand a previously decided percentage of the stake was placed on the 'Comet's tail'. The Comet's Tail could be called into play at any time, but to do this the dealer would be charged a fixed fee. It was the Comet's tail that made Seven Card Comet infamous as "one of the fastest money changers in the galaxy"

Deck listEdit

Each card held three numbers or symbols. The numbers and symbols were:

  • Ace-10
  • Senator
  • Princess
  • Emperor

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