Rithgar: "I hear that Imperial Moff is still after you for that little stunt you pulled. That's what you get for picking up young ones to help you fly that rusty clunker you call a star freighter."
To'iir: "She's fast. Never better."
Rithgar: "Who d'ya mean? The ship or the girl? Haw, haw!"
―Rithgar and To'iir joking about the Seventy-Seven Stars[src]

The Seventy-Seven Stars was a freighter captained by the smuggler To'iir and co-piloted by his apprentice, Liadden.


In 3 ABY, the Seventy-Seven Stars was present at the Kothlis shadowport when a Super-class Star Destroyer ventured into nearby space, resulting in the shadowport's evacuation.


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