Severian was a Shistavanen bounty hunter.


Severian was hired by Darth Vader at the suggestion of the Emperor to capture Sagoro Autem on Coruscant in 19 BBY. Although Severian was indeed the first to find Autem, he was attacked by the Dug Tartuta, who had followed him in the hopes of stealing the prize after the Shistavanen had found Autem. The Dug closed on Severian quickly and grievously wounded him by cutting most of his arm off, also causing him to tumble from the walkway he was standing on. However, Severian survived the fall and blood loss long enough to seek medical attention and ambush Autem a second time while he was en route to a ship off-planet. Using a knife taken from Tartuta, Autem fought off Severian and stabbed him several times, killing him.



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