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The Seville pirate clan, also known as the Sevilles was a pirate clan that operated during the Galactic Civil War.


The Sevilles were lead by Darion Seville and were based in a compound on an asteroid. They were rivals of the Vallaido pirate clan and after the Sevilles made an alliance with the Galactic Empire, they used their combined forces to devastate the Vallaido fleet.

Darion Seville often got her droids to fight against each other in duels and during one such duel, the droid MdZ-BLK attempted to kill her. Her son, Yearo Seville stepped in and saved her and afterward sent the droid as a gift to Gorbu Dalo, a Hutt pirate who was a rival of the Sevilles, in the hope that the droid would kill Dalo. MdZ-BLK killed the Hutt, but afterward reprogrammed a number of protocol droids and had them turn a captured freighter into a bomb and fly it into the Sevelles' asteroid compound.


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