"I'm all that's left. Everywhere I turn... the monster appears. Why do you torment me? I'm not part of your vendetta!"
―Sewlor tried to reason with Broonmark[src]

Sewlor was a Human male padawan of the Jedi Order who was the apprentice of Jedi Master Xerender. While seeking refuge on Hoth, Sewlor grew anxious in fighting Broonmark until he was murdered by the violent Talz.


In 3642 BBY, the first year of the Galactic War, Sewlor and his master went on a mission to Hoth to search for Xerender's old master, Wyellett. However, they got separated during an attack, and Sewlor was forced to find shelter. While seeking refuge in a cave, Sewlor believed that his master abandoned him. When he was attacked by the vicious Talz Broonmark, Sewlor grew anxious and felt too helpless to fight back until he was startled by Darth Baras' apprentice. Sewlot was proved to be no match against the Sith Warrior, and was defeated in a swift duel, after which the vengeful Talz emerged and snapped his neck.