"Doesn't look like there's much down there besides jungle."
Jango Fett[src]

Seylott was the homeworld of the Seylott species. It was covered in dense forests and home to the Disciples of Shaa.


A tropical world covered in dense jungles, the planet was home to the Seylott species. The wilds of the world were dotted with white stone temples hidden beneath the jungle canopy and crumbling from disuse.[2] Vast canals cris-crossed the landscape, each one dug during the time time of the Infinite Empire.[3]


An ancient world, Seylott was under the control of the Infinite Empire long before the rise of the Galactic Republic. While under Rakatan control the creature Gharj carved massive canals across the planet; the claw marks from Gharj's work could be recognized as far in the future as the Cold War between the Republic and the Sith Empire. The Rakatans would eventually imprison Gharj in the Eternity Vault, a massive prison on the planet Belsavis.[3]

The Disciples of Shaa were based out of the world's white stone temples deep in the forest, worshiping the two faces of Shaa, the Mother and Infant. Believing that the stone monuments to the Mother and Infant were dangerous to move, the myths stated that the Infant would destroy the world if it were to be removed from its mother's embrace. During this time the Annoo-dat political terrorist Ashaar Khorda learned of the Infant of Shaa's existence and began an effort to recover the ancient relic for use as a superweapon. Although it was in his possession for a time, a Seylott devotee stole the idol in an attempt to preserve his species' culture and hide their past crimes. The Infant was eventually returned to Khorda by the bounty hunter Jango Fett, and the Annoo-dat was able to commence with his plans to use the idol to destroy the Republic's capital world, Coruscant. Khorda and his associates very nearly succeeded in destroying the city-world, but failed due to the timely intervention of Jango Fett, his comrade Zam Wesell, and the Jedi Master Yarael Poof. Before it could bring harm to any of Khorda's targets, Poof succeeded in disarming the Infant of Shaa and gave it to Fett to return to Seylott. Placing the Infant back in its temple pleased the Seylott, as they believed that when the Mother and the Infant were separated, their world would decline further.[2]



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