Seyugi were the native inhabitants of the planet of Seyugi and Recopia. A nomadic people, they traveled in the sky of the planet on huge repulsorlift barges and kept to themselves. Several hundred years prior to Battle of Yavin, a Force-sensitive Seyugi named Karrh gathered warriors with potential in the Force and began training them in arts of stealth and assassination. These warriors became the first Seyugi Dervishes and began eliminating various threats to Seyugi people, eventually spreading across the Core Worlds. By the time of the Clone Wars both Seyugi Dervishes and Seyugi themselves were believed to be extinct, but in fact several hundreds lay dormant frozen in carbonite in Recopia. The few descendants of Seyugi would call themselves Mallif and broadcast their philosophies over the HoloNet. Most of the Mallif were not aware of the fact that their forefathers were still alive, but those who did took care of the hidden base and the dormant Dervishes on Recopia.


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