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"Thank you for believing in me, General."
"It is not a matter of belief, Fives. It is simply the right thing to do."
―Fives and Shaak Ti[src]

Shaak Ti, a Force-sensitive Togruta female, was a Jedi Master and member of the Jedi High Council in the waning years of the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars, Ti took part in the battles of Geonosis, Kamino, and Coruscant. In addition to her role as a General for the Grand Army of the Republic, she personally oversaw the training and development of clone forces on Kamino. As she meditated during the attack on the Jedi Temple, she was killed by Darth Vader, the fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker.


Early lifeEdit

Shaak Ti was born on the planet Shili[1] in 59 BBY.[2] She joined the Jedi Order, and at some point following the Battle of Naboo, gained a seat on the Jedi High Council, taking the place of Master Yaddle. The Galactic Republic was in a state of turmoil during this time, as the Secessionist Movement, led by former Jedi Count Dooku, threatened the stability of the Republic. The Secessionist Movement led to debate over the creation of a military force to combat an impending war. After the attempted assassination of Naboo's senator Padmé Amidala, Ti and the other members of the Jedi Council assigned Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi to investigate the assassin behind the attacks on the senator while his Padawan Anakin Skywalker protected the senator.[4]

The Clone WarsEdit

Battle of GeonosisEdit

Jedi circle

Shaak Ti participated in the first battle of the Clone Wars, the Battle of Geonosis.

Ti participated in the Battle of Geonosis, the conflict that sparked the Clone Wars between the Republic and the Separatist Alliance. As a participant, she was a member of the Jedi assault team assembled by fellow Jedi Council member Mace Windu to rescue Kenobi, Skywalker, and Amidala from being executed by the Separatists. The Jedi strike team, along with the help of the Republic's new clone troopers, successfully rescued the trio and won the ensuing battle.[4]

Overseeing clone training and Domino SquadEdit

"I am a Jedi, where the individual and the group are one and the same—much like you clones."
"Which is why Fives and I are looking out for each other."
"As individuals, but not as a group. You are where you need to be. Solve your problems as a whole, not as individuals. I have decided to allow you and the rest of your squad to take the test again tomorrow."
―Shaak Ti and Echo[src]

Early in the war, Ti was assigned to the watery world of Kamino in order to oversee the production and training of new clone troopers at the primary cloning facilities in Tipoca City. She, along with paid bounty hunters Bric and El-Les, were tasked with conducting training exercises. One clone training group, Domino Squad, was ineffective in following protocol and working as a team. Following one such failed exercise, Bric implied that the group were "rejects", and should be demoted to sanitation detail. El-Les was more sympathetic, and wanted Domino Squad to continue training. Ti converses with the Kaminoan Prime Minister, Lama Su, on what the clones' consequence should be. Su suggested rejecting the squad, by means of termination, an idea Ti opposed. Su ultimately left the final decision to Ti. She was approached by two members of Domino Squad, CT-5555, "Fives", and CT-1409, "Echo", who asked for transfer to another squad. Ti disapproved of their plea and told them that, when in battle, they should fight as a group, not as individuals. With that, Ti allowed Domino Squad to face one more challenge. Domino Squad successfully completed it, and Ti graduated them to the Grand Army of the Republic.[5]

Battle of KaminoEdit

"The droids are spread thin. We must press our offensive now!"
―Shaak Ti[src]

Shaak Ti greets Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker on Kamino.

After the Republic intercepted a message between General Grievous and Asajj Ventress discussing a planned attack on Kamino, Ti and Su greeted Kenobi and Skywalker when they arrived in Tipoca City with reinforcements. A Separatist fleet soon arrived and engaged the Republic blockade that defended Kamino. Ti monitored the progress of the battle from Tipoca City's control room alongside Kenobi, Su, Captain Rex and Commander Cody. She noted that the Separatist fleet was not large enough to defeat the blockade, and ordered Skywalker to lead the Republic's fighters in assaulting the enemy. Several Munificent-class star frigates were destroyed protecting Grievous' flagship, with their debris crashing in the ocean near Tipoca City. Kenobi became concerned that the battle was too easy, and left Ti and the others to investigate the wreckage. He discovered Aqua droids assembling Trident-class assault ships underwater, but was unable to warn the city before the droids began their assault.[6]


Shaak Ti leads the clone troopers in pushing the battle droids back to the main hangar.

When the control room came under assault by several Aqua droids, Ti quickly dispatched them and contacted the other Jedi, noting the attacking droids were spread thin throughout the city and that the Republic needed to press their counterattack quickly. While Kenobi engaged Grievous and Skywalker hunted down Ventress, who attempted to steal a genetic sample of the clone's DNA, Ti led the clone troopers in pushing the droids back to Tipoca City's main hangar, contacting Cody to inform him on the progress of the battle. The remaining droids were soon destroyed and the Separatist fleet retreated, although both Grievous and Ventress managed to escape.[6]

Bombing of the Temple and Trial of Ahsoka TanoEdit

Ti was later present during the funeral of the six Jedi killed during the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar. She also attended the Council meeting in which Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin accused Padawan Ahsoka Tano of masterminding the attack, causing Ti to exchange a shocked look with Jedi Master Kit Fisto.[7]

After the capture of Ahsoka Tano, Ti was also present during Tano's trial in the Chamber of Judgment, where Tano was expelled from the Jedi Order and stripped of her ranks within the Grand Army of the Republic.[8]

Clone conspiracyEdit


Shaak Ti watches over Tup's medical tests.

Toward the end of the war, Ti oversaw the testing and investigation of clone trooper "Tup," who had seemingly gone rogue and killed Jedi Master Tiplar during a battle on Ringo Vinda. She oversaw the Kaminoan doctor Nala Se's test on Tup, which yielded nothing, and sent "Fives", a friend of Tup's, for examination.[9]

The medical droid AZI-3 suggested a phase 5 atomic scan on Tup. Se claimed that the scan could kill him, and instead they should terminate the clone and do an autopsy on his body, as she believed that the cause of his behavior was a virus. Ti instead believed that the cause was mental. Ti contacted the Jedi Council on Coruscant to discuss the issue, and they told her to bring the clone back to the Jedi Temple.[9]

Ti was then alerted to an invader alarm on Kamino which she found had been triggered by Fives, who, along with AZI-3, had run an atomic scan on Tup and extracted a tumor which he believed to be the cause of Tup's behavior. Tup soon died muttering that he was "free of the nightmares". Ti and Se contacted Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine and told them about the situation. The Chancellor told them to bring the data to the Grand Republic Medical Facility on Coruscant. Ti however, invoking her authority, decided to take the data to the Jedi first—much to the protest of Se—and told Fives that one last test would be conducted on him before he could return to duty.[9]


With Fives pointing a blaster at her head, Nala Se tried to convince Shaak Ti that clones were dangerous without their bio-chips.

Before she could leave, Ti was alerted that Fives was attempting to escape. She gave chase but was unable to catch him before he left in an escape pod with AZI-3. As they attempted to track him down, Ti felt that they were searching in the wrong page. Her suspicion turned out to be true when she learned that someone was accessing the Jango Fett template data. Ti, along with the troopers and Se, discovered that it was indeed Fives and AZI-3. They gave chase but, again, were unable to capture him. Ti realized that they were researching something and weren't planning to escape. She later saw Se quietly leaving the place and followed her with her clone rroopers. She arrived in time to see Fives holding a blaster to Se and told him to surrender.[10]

She learned that Fives, assisted by AZI-3, had discovered that the tumor had been bio-engineered and had suspected a larger plot to be the cause of Tup's actions. The duo had also discovered that all troopers, including Fives, had been implanted with the same organic inhibitor chip. Se claimed that the chip had been placed to inhibit aggressive behavior, while Fives told Ti that the chip's malfunction in Tup had caused him to lose his mind. When he told them that he had removed his chip, Se claimed that Fives was a now threat and should be terminated.[10]

Ti again invoked Jedi authority, insisting that both Fives and the chips be sent to the Supreme Chancellor for investigation, rather than let the troopers be terminated by the Kaminoans. Fives thanked her for trusting him, to which Ti replied that she was only doing what was right.[10] Ti led Fives, as well as Se, to the Supreme Chancellor on Coruscant. Fives insisted to the Chancellor that the chips should be removed from the clones, while Se still claimed that he was a threat. The Chancellor then requested Ti and Se to wait outside while he talked with Fives. As Ti was mediating outside, she heard blaster fire and opened the door to see Fives disarming the Chancellor's troops and aiming his weapon at him. The Chancellor claimed that Fives had tried to assassinate him. Ti chased after the fleeing clone. She ordered Fives to stop, but he ignored her and ran away.[11]


Shaak Ti discusses the assassination attempt with the Jedi

Ti met with Master Plo Koon, Grand Master Yoda, Windu and Skywalker and told them about Fives' actions. Skywalker, whose legion Fives belonged to, expressed disbelief upon hearing that he had tried to assassinate the Chancellor. Ti told them that the Kaminoans believed that a virus had caused the clones' inhibitor chip to malfunction, resulting in this behavior, while Fives believed that he was the victim of a conspiracy. Windu then said that Fives should be captured alive to uncover if there was any conspiracy. Skywalker said that he would bring Fives in with the help of Rex. Ti warned him to be cautious, as the removal of the chip might have changed Fives.[11]

Ti was present later when the Chancellor told the Jedi that his investigation had led him to believe that a parasite native to Ringo Vinda, had caused the chips to malfunction, and that an inoculation for it had been developed which would be administered to the clones.[11]

Yoda's visionsEdit

Shaak Ti Death TCW Destiny

Shaak Ti is impaled and killed by Anakin's lightsaber in Yoda's vision.

Shaak Ti was present at a Jedi High Council meeting in which the members expressed concern over Yoda's health. Ti, along with the other Council members, meditated with Yoda in an effort to hear a voice Yoda claimed to have heard, the voice belonging to Qui-Gon Jinn. The meditation proved fruitless. Ti later appeared to Yoda in a vision on Dagobah, in which she was impaled by Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber while meditating.[12]

The Battle of CoruscantEdit

Towards the end of the war, the Separatist Alliance staged a massive invasion of the Republic capital of Coruscant. The battle, however, was a ruse to slip Grievous onto the surface of the planet to kidnap Palpatine. After making his way through, and subsequently killing, several clone forces and the Jedi Roron Corobb, Grievous met up with Ti, who tried to prevent him from reaching the Chancellor. She failed, as Grievous knocked her unconscious with electrified cables. Grievous took her lightsaber, and successfully captured the Chancellor, transporting him to the Separatist flagship Invisible Hand.[13]

Attack on the Jedi Temple and deathEdit

On the night the temple was attacked by Darth Vader, the fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker,[3] Ti recorded a message on a holocron, urging whoever found the message to continue the legacy of the Force, and not to let the Purge be the end of the Jedi.[14] As she meditated during the attack, Ti was killed by Vader.[3]


"Whoever is seeing this… it's up to you now. Don't let our deaths have been in vain. Don't let this be the end of the Jedi."
―A holocron of Shaak Ti[src]

Many years after Order 66, Ti's holocron was found by Skywalker's son, Luke Skywalker, in Grakkus the Hutt's collection of Jedi artifacts on Nar Shaddaa. At Grakkus' urging, he opened several holocrons, and witnessed Ti's message.[15][14]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Shaak Ti was skilled in using telekinesis during battle. During the Battle of Kamino, she used telekinesis to lift two Aqua droids and slam them into two other droids hard enough to destroy all four.[6]

As the overseer of clone training on Kamino, Shaak Ti demonstrated an affinity for teaching.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Fate of Shaak Ti

Shaak Ti's canonical fate was confirmed in Star Wars: Galactic Atlas

Shaak Ti was created by concept artists Dermot Power and Iain McCaig, who designed her as a Jedi for use in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. She was eventually played by Orli Shoshan in Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. In the final edit of Episode III, most of the footage featuring her was cut, including two possible death scenes. In one, she is captured by Grievous and telling Kenobi that she is sorry and has failed him. Grievous then stabs and kills her in front of Kenobi and Anakin. In another, she is meditating when she feels the presence of Vader and asks what he wants. Vader then stabs and kills her.[source?] The scene exists as "Anakin kills Shaak Ti" animatic and is part of the deleted scenes released on the Blu-ray in 2011. Her canonical death was confirmed as being killed by Darth Vader during Order 66, in the 2016 reference book Star Wars: Galactic Atlas.[3] She was voiced by Tasia Valenza in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[5]



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