"Mercy is a weakness. If your leader shows weakness, it is your duty to kill him and show true authority... true power. That is why the Sith are strong."
―Shaardan to a group of hopefuls[src]

Shaardan was a male Human who was a prospective student of the Sith Academy on Korriban during the Jedi Civil War. In 3956 BBY, he would go into the local colony of Dreshdae and intimidate and embarrass the locals.


When Revan arrived at Dreshdae he found Shaardan getting tired of Prospective Sith failing to get his moral questions correct. He then asked Revan what punishment should he give to the "hopefuls." Revan convinced Shaardan to let them go. Shaardan, hoping to gain favor with Master Uthar Wynn, waited for another student to wander into the tomb of Ajunta Pall and retrieve his sword. Unfortunately for him, the student who recovered it was Revan. Shaardan confronted Revan near the entrance of Pall's tomb. He had hoped to intimidate Revan into giving him the sword. However, Revan refused and an angered Shaardan attacked Revan, but was slain. Revan ended up being the one to give the sword to Master Wynn for the prestige.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

First EncounterEdit

When it comes to dealing with Shaardan's "hopefuls", there are number of options.

Light Side optionsEdit

Telling Shaardan to let them go is the light side option;

  • If the player fails to persuade him then he will kill the hopefuls. Regardless, this gives the player light side points.
  • The player could threaten to kill Shaardan if he doesn't let them go. He responds that kind of attitude is something that a Sith should have.
  • If the player visits Korriban, after the capture on the Leviathan, then the player could claim who he really is, a claim Shaardan laughs at but lets the hopefuls go nonetheless.
  • The player could use Force Persuasion on Shaardan to let the hopefuls go, showing he is actually very weak-minded.

Non-alignment optionsEdit

  • The player could choose to humiliate or scare them a little, Shaardan would then attack them with Force drain, which scares the hopefuls but spares them.

Dark Side optionsEdit

The player could also tell Shaardan to kill the hopefuls, which he gladly does with Force lightning.

Oddly enough, should the player demand to be left out of this, Shaardan lets the hopefuls go but the player still gets dark side points, as it involves leaving the hopefuls to Shaardan's mercy.

Encounter in Ajunta Pall's tombEdit

As an alternative, Revan could give Shaardan a fake sword. Shaardan would then take it (as he had no idea what it really looked like). With the false sword, Shaardan returned to Uthar Wynn only to be strangled for his failure to recognize Revan's deceit. Another possibility is for Revan to give Shaardan the sword. It should be noted that Shaardan fights Revan with a vibro double-blade rather than a lightsaber even though he is seen carrying a lightsaber at all other times.

Revan doesn't even have to recover Ajunta Pall's blade at all to impress Uthar enough to proceed to Naga Sadow's Tomb, so Revan may not encounter Shaardan again after their encounter as Revan arrives on the planet. So Shaardan could remain in the Academy from then on, with the Academy run under Yuthura Ban, or to be killed as Revan proceeds to take down all remaining Sith insurgents left inside the academy.



Notes and referencesEdit

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