Shackles of Nizon was a GR-75 medium transport that was used as a slave ship by the Galactic Empire, to transport Nazren slaves from Nizon to the construction site of the Sarlacc Project at Byss.

The Empire made a deal with Darga the Hutt to swap slaves for tibanna, which they needed for the Sarlacc Project. Shackles of Nizon, fully laden with slaves, accompanied the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Assiduous to Bespin, where the deal was clandestinely taking place. However, when an Alderaanian Resistance team uncovered details of the deal, Inquisitor Valin Draco tried to cover things up before this could happen, by having a Tibanna gas hauler crash into Shackles of Nizon. The team managed to stop this from happening and so saved the lives of all the slaves.