"Corellian Security informs us there is no such vessel as Shadow Bird. However, the Millennium Falcon is cleared for immediate departure."
Corellian Control, to Han Solo[src]

Shadow Bird was an alias that the freighters Millennium Falcon and Sureshot flew under in the months following the Battle of Duro during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


When he landed the Millennium Falcon on Corellia in order to ensure that his wife, Leia Organa Solo, received treatment for injuries inflicted during the First Battle of Duro, Han Solo identified the Falcon as Shadow Bird to Corellian Control so that their arrival would not attract unwanted attention. After they were forced to leave Corellia by Thrackan Sal-Solo, Han attempted to remain discreet by using the alias when requesting clearance to depart. However, Corellian Control had been informed by Corellian Security Force that the Shadow Bird was in fact the Millennium Falcon and broadcast the freighter's true name over an open channel, alerting several bounty hunters to the Falcon's location.

Later, when Han and Leia traveled to Coruscant in order to undermine support for the Peace Vote by accusing Senator Viqi Shesh, its chief proponent, of corruption and to find a nervesplicer to help Leia heal her injuries, they arranged for Jedi Knight Izal Waz's YT-1300 light freighter Sureshot to be cosmetically altered to look like the Millennium Falcon and equipped it with a slave circuit to allow Waz to remotely pilot the Sureshot from the freighter Jolly Man on their approach to Coruscant. In order to further sell the illusion that the Sureshot was the Falcon, it flew under the alias Shadow Bird. This gambit resulted in the destruction of the Sureshot, but allowed Han and Leia to fulfill their goals, albeit not without some difficulty.