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This article is about Shadow Troopers used during the Rise of the Empire era. You may be looking for the Shadowtroopers created by Desann, the clone shadow trooper, shadow stormtroopers or the Darktroopers used by Sedriss QL.

Shadow Troopers were a branch of Imperial shock troopers[2][3] deployed during the Rise of the Empire era. Shadow Trooper units were deployed on various operations under the command of the Emperor's Shadow Guard and Stormtrooper commanders. A number of them were used in various skirmishes against Galen Marek. Shadow Trooper armor was laced with durasteel fibers[4] unlike the stygian-triprismatic polymer material used in the production of the shadow stormtrooper armor. They also had cloaking devices that allowed them to sneak up on enemies without being seen.

Behind the scenesEdit

These troopers visually differ from both the Shadowtroopers created by Desann more than a decade later in 12 ABY, as well as the Clone Shadow Troopers and Shadow stormtroopers as evidenced by the blue-lit panels beneath their durasteel-colored armor. Given the troopers appearance in The Force Unleashed and their portrayal by Hasbro, the troopers armor can be surmised as not being black-colored like shadow stormtrooper armor.



Notes and referencesEdit

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