Shadows of the Empire: Evolution 4 was the fourth issue in the Shadows of the Empire: Evolution series of comics, a sequel to Shadows of the Empire and was released on May 13, 1998 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Now that Guri has found Doc, and the de-droiding procedure has been started, the search is on for Guri. Will Spinda Caveel, the Pikkel Sisters, Savan, or Han, Luke, and Leia be the first to find Guri and Doc? Will Doc be able to finish the Humanizing procedure on Guri before they are found? Just as we think things are going well, Luke gets a "feeling," and Leia discovers the truth behind Savan.

Behind the scenesEdit

When Guri's mind was being wiped, she experienced a flashback of Emperor Palpatine casting Sith Lightning. It is unlikely for Guri to ever witness such a scene. The authors might misidentify Guri as Mara Jade, who often has such visions.


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