«Though I suspect we have little in common, human, I share your dislike of the Sith.»
―Shaelas to Revan[src]

Shaelas was a male Selkath who lived during the Jedi Civil War. His daughter was Shasa. After Shasa and several other Selkath youth went missing, Shaelas asked Revan to investigate. Revan came back, telling him the Sith's intentions to corrupt the planets' youth, and the news that Shasa had left the Sith ways. Shaelas offered Revan 500 credits as a reward.


The disappearance of ShasaEdit

Shaelas sired a daughter named Shasa, and at some point she disappeared; in fact she was lured into the Sith Embassy by an Iridonian mercenary who was paid by the Sith to bring the most promising Selkath youth to them. Shaelas hated the Sith because of their disrespect of Selkath laws, and he believed that they would want their hands on all the Kolto for themselves. He couldn't dismiss the connection between the Sith's arrival and the Selkath youth's disappearance. He couldn't get the Republic to investigate as the Sith were keeping a close eye on them and the Ahto City authorities wouldn't act without proper evidence.

Meeting RevanEdit

As it happened, Revan, the amnesiac former Sith Lord who was under a new identity, was called upon to the matter by Shaelas who knew that Revan's loyalty was to the Republic. He offered Revan 500 credits to find out the fate of his daughter. After taking agreeing to assist the Selkath, Revan began asking around about missing Selkath youth. He found out through the Iridonian mercenary that the Sith were responsible, and that they were being held there for training. Revan brought the news back to Shaelas, who then told him that he may have to go there, even though it would be in violation of Selkath laws - if Revan was captured or killed, Shaelas would have to disavow all knowledge of his actions.

Revan entered the Sith Embassy, with the help of the Republic embassy head Roland Wann, who had provided couple of methods to enter the Embassy for an unrelated mission. Once located, Revan found out that Shasa was learning Sith teachings and was being manipulated by them, in an attempt to turn Manaan into a puppet government for them to control. When Shasa learned the truth she abandoned the Sith teachings and left the Embassy. However, upon leaving the base, Revan was captured by the Selkath authorities for breaking into the Sith Embassy. Revan was able to prove his innocence by showing the plot to corrupt the planet's youth that were stored within the Sith Embassy.

Revan brought this news to Shaelas, and assured him that Shasa has left the Sith Embassy. Shaelas felt that he was forever in Revan's debt and offered him the five hundred credits—however, Revan turned down the credits, saying that a Jedi has no need for such rewards. Shaelas was shocked at this and found Revan to be the most noble human he had ever met. He then went off to testify to the Selkath courts about the facts that he had learned of the Sith's plots.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the player still has the datapad from the Sith Embassy, then he can give it to Shaelas.



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