Shaka-ka was a Barabel who led her people in raids against the Planetary Safaris Inc. hunting parties. The company had organized hunting expeditions of Barabels on the planet. To counteract this atrocity, the Barabels under Shaka-ka began to decimate the hunting parties. To protect their business, Planetary Safaris requested that the Barabels be eradicated under the Dangerous Species Act.

The Imperials sent Captain Osted Alater to Barab I to investigate Planetary Safaris' claims. While there, he discovered that the Barabels were actually a sentient race and had Planetary Safaris closed down.

Shaka-ka became friends with Alater and together they built the city of Alater-ka. Shaka-ka named the city in honor of Captain Alater. After Shaka-ka's death, an elaborate memorial dedicated to Shaka-ka was erected in the middle of the city. However, it was destroyed when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Barab I.

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