Shallamar was a female Barabel, and one of several beings with whom Han Solo played sabacc on Devaron. Solo's luck led her to believe he was cheating, so she attempted to kill him. Fortunately for Solo, Chewbacca disagreed violently with this course of action. During the fight, Han shot her just above the knee. He and Chewbacca were able to make a successful getaway.

Several years later, she would encounter him again, in the Yarith Bespin casino-hotel in Cloud City, on the planet Bespin. He and Lando Calrissian were attending one of the galaxy's largest sabacc tournaments. Still possessing a limp from where Han had shot her, she tried to kill the "cheater" again. While he evaded her, Lando called for security, who quickly restrained her. After a thorough scan showed that neither Han nor Lando possessed any cheating equipment, she reluctantly gave her honor-word not to attack them again. In return, the two Humans chose not to press charges. Shortly after they left, she was released. She was as good as her word and didn't bother either of them. Though after Solo won the tournament, Bria Tharen overheard her mutter to herself that somehow he was still a cheater.



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