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The Shantipole Project was a venture devised by Commander Gial Ackbar and the Verpine colonies of Slayn & Korpil to create more effective starfighters for the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.

The Shantipole Project was based on the asteroid Shantipole, located in the Roche asteroid belt. The B-wing starfighter was the major output of this project, and development of the B-wing Expanded soon followed. However, the Shantipole research facility was compromised by an Imperial spy, who led Captain Kolaff to the Roche asteroids; the Imperial corvette, Javelin 3 was one starship that was sent to destroy the project. Transports such as Shantipole were able to evacuate personnel from the facility, though ultimately Ackbar's forces were able to drive Kolaff away. The light freighter Out Runner participated in the project.



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