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The Shapani Bypass or as it was nicknamed the "Bacta Run," was a hyperlane that was used as a shortcut in transporting bacta from Thyferra to the Core Worlds. The Bypass was a spur of the longer Rimma Trade Route that was opened up circa 2,203 BBY. However, the route was much more heavily traveled than the segment of the Rimma that it bypassed, and was considered to be part of that trade route. The establishing of the Bypass cut days of the heavily traveled Rimma Trade Route.

The bypass originated at Thyferra before splitting with the Rimma and crossed through the Tapani sector. In this sector, it passed worlds such as Achillea, Aleron, Tallaan, (where it intersected the Giju Run and the Procopian Shipping Lane), Tamber, Lamuir IV, Alisandor and Mrlsst before rejoining the Rimma.


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