The Shaper research facility on Dibrook was a hidden Yuuzhan Vong stronghold established on the uninhabitable planet Dibrook some time before the battle there. Master Shaper Nagme led the research facility, and a yammosk was placed under Dibrook's surface to control the Yuuzhan Vong forces on the planet.

At the facility Master Shaper Nagme experimented on captured individuals, creating an army of Thralls. Among the captured was a Jedi, Yuledan. In 25 ABY, Commander Tsalok came to interrogate him about another Jedi, Finn Galfridian.

During the Battle of Dibrook, the Yuuzhan Vong had captured 30 refugees housed on the Dibrook Space Station, before they were fought off by the Heart of Artorias, a captured Yuuzhan Vong slaveship. Shortly after the battle, the Heart of Artorias landed on the planet to search for the kidnapped refugees. Due to the superiority in numbers of the attackers, Commander Tsalok advised Master Shaper Nagme to prepare for a withdrawal to Rychel.

On their way to the research facility, the thousands of people of the Heart of Artorias encountered some Yuuzhan Vong forces and two Thralls. An advanced scout party arrived at the facility first, where they were quickly defeated by a group of Yuuzhan Vong warriors led by Commander Tsalok. When he returned to the facility he told Nagme to send out her army of Thralls.


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