"I just don't know who I'll be… without."
"You're the smartest person I've ever met and you're very good at solving mysteries. I have every confidence you'll figure it out."
"Maybe. But I hate mysteries."
―Jenn and the former Cipher Nine discuss the removal of her conditioning[src]

Shara Jenn, codenamed Watcher Two and later Keeper, was an Intelligence Operative of the Sith Empire.


Jenn was raised within an Imperial facility, and placed in a program designed to fine-tune her cognitive abilities. She was granted Watcher designation after being highly evaluated during initial operations. She handled liaisons between Cipher Nine and HQ, frequently contacting Nine in the field with information and mission details.

In 3643 BBY, Shara aided Nine in tracking down and dismantling the Eagle terrorist network. Following the elimination of the terrorists' Alderaan financiers, Shara was able to locate the Eagle on Nal Hutta, enabling Nine to kill the terrorist. However, the crisis was not over, for they still had the issue of the terrorist's bio-mechanical superweapons, the Eradicators, to deal with. Shara joined in a closed meeting with Keeper and Nine to discuss the Eradicators. Nine had obtained one-half of the command codes but unless both halves are inputted to stop the Eradicators, they would fire indiscriminately over the Imperial worlds they were stationed over. Luckily, Intelligence, caught a break, determining that the Eagle's Imperial patron was hiding in the Artus system. Keeper provided Nine and Shara cloaking devices for their ships that would only last one hyperspace jump so they could board the dreadnaught where they could stop the Eradicators. Once onboard, Shara remained aboard her ship to monitor Nine's progress as the agent made it to the bridge, where they discovered that Darth Jadus was alive. Jadus was the true power behind the terrorists and had faked his death so he could escape the eyes of the Dark Council. Now he planned on using the Eradicators to target the strongholds of his rivals, after which he would dominate the Empire. With Jadus putting up a jamming field preventing Shara from calling for reinforcements, she suggested to Nine that they activate the Eradicators, distracting Jadus so that they could encase him in ray shields.

Shara Jenn

Watcher Two joined Cipher Nine aboard the Dominator

In 3642 BBY, after Darth Jadus' defeat, and thanks to Cipher 9's contributions, Jenn was promoted to the position of the spymaster Keeper, whereas the latter became the new Minister of Intelligence. After the search for Darth Jadus was halted, because of the start of the Galactic War, Shara assigned Cipher Nine to take on the best agent the Republic's Intelligence had to offer, spymaster Ardun Kothe. From what her sources could tell, Kothe was granted autonomy by the Senate and Intelligence wants to know what he's up to, so she sends in Nine as a double agent. Unbeknownst to Shara, Kothe had somehow obtained Nine's brainwashing code, forcing the agent to do his bidding and leaving Nine unable to tell Shara about what's happened.

Shara later contacted Nine after the agent's clash with Admiral Layek Davos and an unconfirmed blackout at HQ. Nine claimed that was it was to maintain their cover. Shara reiterates the agent's mission to find out what the SIS is up to and then eliminate Kothe. Later, Shara got in contact with the Cipher Agent again after receiving reports of an Imperial bombing run on Quesh. Nine, having secretly broken free of the brainwashing, reports that Kothe and his weapon, the Shadow Arsenal, had been eliminated. Shara then recalled Nine back to Dromund Kaas for a meeting with the Minister of Intelligence.

Following the meeting with the Minister, Cipher Nine was sent to Isen IV investigating the appearance of Hunter, the only surviving member of Kothe's team. Nine's investigation had turned up that Hunter had used some sort of unknown technology to hijack the colony's machinery and turn them against the colonists, in an attempt to frame the Empire for the massacre. Shara began researching a number of unresolved Intelligence cases, determining that Hunter is working for a third party unaffiliated with Empire or Republic and had been manipulated events since before the Empire returned to the galaxy. She then brought up data on Operation Morning Crest, which included an audio recording of Hunter and his unidentified superior, detailing the ghost agent's infiltration of the SIS.

Nine then decided to take on the task of uncovering this conspiracy. By the time the agent had returned to their ship, the Watchers had complied a lead on Belsavis. Along with Watcher Three, Shara explained that the conspiracy had created Megasecurity Ward 23, mostly likely to hide something. She instructed the agent to masquerade as a criminal and enlist a select number of inmates to assist in breaching Megasecurity.

After Nine had acquired the services of SCORPIO, Shara then dispatched the agent to the Tytun Rings HoloNet archives, suspecting that the conspirators, identified as the Star Cabal, had constructed the archives to hide their communications. With the aid of the new Watchers, Nine managed to extract data fragments and brought them back to HQ to be reassembled. As they watched the holorecording of Hunter and his unidentified cohorts discussing a grand, yet risky, plan, a trap within the recording designed to overwhelm a genetically enhanced mind rendered Shara and the other enhanced Watchers comatose, effectively crippling Intelligence's operations and starting the downfall of the organization. However, this did not deterred Cipher Nine, who went to investigate another lead on Voss that Shara had found.

Following the disbanding of Intelligence due to the Star Cabal's influence, the Minister of Intelligence used the last of his authority to reassemble his former organization. Shara was brought out of her coma and worked in secret to uncover the Star Cabal's machinations. As Cipher Nine was reassigned to Lord Razer's unit on Corellia and sent to destroy Aegis Base, Shara attempted to get in contact with her former partner. When she succeeded, she disguised her hologram to avoid giving away her identity too soon and instructed Nine to access the base computer. In accessing Republic communications, a transmission from Supreme Commander Rans revealed that Republic reinforcements outnumbered the Empire's. Shara instructed Nine to return to Razer's base, where she could set up secure communications. Once done, she revealed herself to Nine. She then explained that the conspirators were using misinformation to force the Republic and Empire to commit more forces then necessary. To get the general idea of what's happening, she needed an undoctored record of Imperial forces. She reveals that Moff Alvon Zamar had been dispatched to Corellia to evaluate the state of Imperial forces for the Dark Council and Nine needed to intercept him and acquire his report before the conspirators do. Shara instructed Nine to plant landing beacons in Labor Valley to force Zamar's shuttle to land and then obtain his report by any means necessary. She also provides Nine with a codeword, "chromatic" to gain Zamar's trust.

After Nine had successfully obtained the report and transmitted it to Shara, she made a preliminary analysis and noted that with Sith like Darths Thanaton, Baras and Vowrawn expending troops in power plays, the Imperial forces would equal the Republic reinforcements and would probably annihilate each other. She passed along a distress call from Razer, who was under attack by Jedi at the Imperial base in Axial Park, and told Cipher Nine to go to him. Nine was too late to save Razer but managed to repel the attack. Shara informed the agent that the conspirators are setting up Sith and Jedi to clash with one another.

Luckily, they had caught a break, as she had traced conspirator resources to an airship hovering above the area. She instructed Nine to infiltrate the airship and get captured, feeding misinformation under torture that the Imperials would gain the advantage, thereby upsetting the Star Cabal's plan. After Nine performed her instructions to the letter and escaped the airship, Shara came up with a plan for Nine to fake their death to fool the Star Cabal, getting them in a position to catch them off guard. She had Nine plant explosives at a museum in Capitol Square, which would appear to the Star Cabal that the agent died from within the building's collapse. Despite interference from the SIS, Nine was able to pull it off. Shara then gave the agent coordinates to the Intelligence flagship, Tenebrous, where they would plan the downfall of the Star Cabal.

Shara reunited with Nine and explained the Minister's actions in recruiting loyal operatives. She then remotely monitored the agent as they infiltrated the Star Chamber. As Nine set up over the conspirators' conference chamber, Shara identified some of the inner circle either personally there or communicating via hologram. Once Nine had eliminated the inner circle, Shara began fabricating cover stories for each of the identified holograms and exposed them to the Imperial military, Korriban and the bounty hunter guilds, even planning on work for an hour to get the Republic and Hutt Cartel. However, they still required the Star Cabal secrets to hunt the rest of the conspiracy, but her transmission was jammed by Hunter, who was shortly killed by Nine.

Nine returned to the Tenebrous victorious. The Minister then took the agent aside for a private conversation. Afterwards, the agent returned to their ship and prepared to depart. Shara communicated via hologram and as Nine formally acknowledged her transmission, Shara confessed her true name. She then explained that all sorts of questions are flying about from Dromund Kaas and asked Nine what they intended to do next. The agent promised to find and destroy the Empire's enemies before departing.

Severely weakened after the fall of the Star Cabal, Shara was captured by the Republic after the uprising of Darth Malgus. Her body carbonite-frozen, the prison transport containing her was attacked and captured by raiders due to the former Minister's machinations, who would work with Cipher Nine in order to negotiate her release. The Minister would later send her to a medical facility where the damage to her brain would be repaired and her loyalty programming undone, giving her the chance to live a life outside of the Empire. In her final moments with Nine, Shara expressed an unwillingness for freedom due to her brainwashing and the two shared a final moment before parting for good.

Personality and traitsEdit

Jenn, just like Watcher X was bred through a eugenics program, specifically designed to produce future operatives. She was herself aware of that and knew both its significance and limitations. Part of the program included built in loyalty controls, which she struggled with during teenage years, but later grew to accept. Rapid changes in environment left her struggling to adapt for some time.

Behind the scenesEdit

"There was a time when I considered us friends. But you lied to me, didn't you? All this time... after everything they've done to us... to me... you were a double agent for the Republic."
―Shara Jenn talks to the double-agent Cipher Nine[src]

Shara Jenn is a major character in the Imperial Agent storyline in Star Wars: The Old Republic, voiced by Mary Stockley. Her name is revealed if the player allows Watcher X to escape imprisonment in exchange for information on Watcher Two and Kaliyo Djannis on Nar Shaddaa, or after the Star Cabal is defeated if the player chooses to formally acknowledge her transmission at the end of Chapter 3. She can be a romance option for a male Cipher Nine, but nothing will come out of it. She can be betrayed by Cipher Nine during the confrontation with Jadus, but she does not seem to hate the agent or resent Darth Jadus later.

During the flashpoint "The Nathema Conspiracy", if the Outlander is an Imperial Agent who made the Light choice to spare Ardun Kothe on Quesh and later accepted his offer to join the SIS as a double agent, Shara Jenn will learn of this and seek revenge on the Cipher, joining the Order of Zildrog led by Vinn Atrius, only to be sacrificed as fuel to awaken Zildrog by GEMINI 16 on Nathema. If the player remained loyal to the Empire or became an independent agent, Marcus Trant will appear instead of her, while the other classes face antagonists from their own class stories.[1]



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