A Hapan vessel, Sharmok 718 was a transport utilized by the New Jedi Order during the evacuation from the Jedi Academy on the planet Ossus. In opposition, the Lost Tribe of Sith's armada deployed a wing of antiquated Skipray twelve-jays to ambush the Jedi academy, while the Jedi evacuation effort was covered by four wings of Hapan Miy'til starfighters.

Separated from the other transports during the battle, the Sith managed to board and rig the Sharmok 718 with baradium explosives. The transport then feigned communication difficulties and headed for the Hapan flagship in an attempt to assassinate Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo, whom they believed would give birth to a Jedi queen capable of preventing their rule of the galaxy. However, the Jedi and Hapans noticed the Sharmok behaving in a suspicious manner, and Djo ultimately ordered the Hapan Volgh Squadron to open fire and disable the vessel. Left adrift and with the Hapans preparing to board, Sharmok 718 exploded, destroying Volgh Squadron and killing the hundreds still aboard.

After the explosion, the Hapans launched a search for possible survivors, though Han Solo doubted any would be found, suspecting the Sith had already killed the evacuees—including over two dozen Jedi—during the boarding action and those killed in the explosion were members of a Sith boarding party.

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