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"Be warned, I am the blade of these savants. My patriarch, Hallow Voice, had my voice."
―Sharpest Eye.[src]

Sharpest Eye was a male Esh-kha who lived thousands of years ago during the height of his people's reign in the galaxy. During that time, he became a devoted disciple of the new patriarch Hallow Voice who proposed a path of co-existence with alien species. However, the Esh-kha's rampage across space had led to the wrath of the Infinite Empire who imprisoned all the Esh-kha on the Rakatan prison world of Belsavis where Sharpest Eye was kept in stasis alongside many Savants. This remained the case for millennia until the Cold War when the Barsen'thor awoke him. Learning of the Jedi Consular's quest, he awaited Hallow Voice's freedom from stasis in order to join him and watched over the Savants under his care.


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