The Sharpshooter V was a blaster carbine manufactured by BlasTech Industries.


The Sharpshooter V was a modified blaster carbine produced by BlasTech Industries. The weapon was fitted with a targeting sight for accuracy at long range. The multi-spectrum scope was fitted with infrared enhancers for use at night, and could magnify the image while an inbuilt microcomputer enhanced the image to clear smoke or haze.[1]

The blaster bolt fired by the Sharpshooter V was smaller and tighter than standard blasters. The bolt did not dissipate as quickly as other blasters over long distance, giving the Sharpshooter V an advantage during long range battles. However, the range increase came at a cost, which was the power of the bolt.[1] The Sharpshooter V was marketed at 1,200 credits.[2]


Due to the price tag, the Galactic Empire kept its spending on the Sharpshooter V at a modest level. As a result, they were not generally assigned to standard formations, but were reserved for special commando units. The Empire allowed BlasTech to produce a weaker version for the civilian market, called the Hunter V, which was cheaper and marketed as a sporting blaster.[1]



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