Shaull Female
"What's it like on Kessel? Is it really that bad?"
―Shaull explorer[src]

The Shaull were a sentient species that hailed from an unidentified planet. They possessed light-colored skin with patches of darker color on the wrist, forearm, and elbows. Shaull were hairless, but possessed a form of cilia-like growth on the backs of their heads, shoulders, and back. Their faces were very smooth and flat, without visible nostrils.

Few Shaull explored the stars, and those who did often started out as indentured servants on more advanced ships. The species adapted well to galactic-standard technology and often possessed a combination of archaic and modern skills amongst those encountered in the space lanes.

Some Shaull were known for their curiosity and love of new and unexplored places. Many simply wished to experience everything and see all things.