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This Sekct was the She-Who-Speaks of Hissest's tribe. Her skin was so light that it was almost white and she wore a necklace made of bones. Hissest led a group of Rebels who crash-landed on her home planet of Marca to the tribe to convince She-Who-Speaks to let them help the tribe fight the Imperials devastating the planet. She-Who-Speaks was offended by Hissest's belief that the Rebels were some sort of divine aid, and arranged for a "trial by challenge" as a way to rid herself of Hissest. However, the outcome of the duel meant that Hissest rose in standing and became de facto chief of the tribe.

Behind the scenesEdit

If Hissest ends up the duels victor, then she becomes the tribe's She-Who-Speaks. If she is killed, then this She-Who-Speaks will consider the Rebels friends for honoring her tradition.


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