"There have been sightings of a great beast—"She Who Greedily Devours." Now we know her ferocity outstrips our scouts and hunters."

She Who Greedily Devours was the name given by the Rishii natives of Sky Ridge Island on the planet Rishi to the female kell dragon that settled on their island.[2] "Kellie", as she was originally known, was brought to Rishi as a hatchling to be the mascot of a new Outer Rim chapter of the Corellian Run Scoundrels pirate gang; however, she soon grew too large and ferocious to keep, and the pirates' leader Kai Zykken dumped her into a garbage scow in order to avoid bankrupting his gang on food for her. Kellie gorged herself on irradiated refuse for days, causing her to grow particularly large and aggressive,[3] and she made a nest for herself in a cave on Sky Ridge Island, where she terrorized the native Rishii until killed by an offworlder.[2]



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