"Go ahead and have a look around; entertain yourselves. There's a cantina that way."
Kad Solus, directing Rebel Alliance operatives to the Sheb Niktose[src]

The Sheb Niktose was a cantina located on the Outer Rim world of Vlemoth Port. Situated near a clear mountain lake, the Sheb Niktose was part of the Mandalorian settlement of Arumorut. The cantina was easily recognized by the sign that hung out front depicting a cartoonish image of an armored Mandalorian boot striking a Nikto's backside. The cantina's interior was dimly lit, with an intimate pub atmosphere frequented by local regulars. The Sheb Niktose's menu included four-credit glasses of bitter kri'gee, five-credit glasses of the clear spirit tihaar, and six-credit mugs of sweet, black ne'tra gal.[1]

During the civil war between the Galactic Empire and the rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Sheb Niktose was staffed by a young Mandalorian bartender nicknamed "Adiik,"[1] meaning "kid" in the Mando'a language.[2] Teroch, a Mandalorian veteran and resident of Arumorut, could be found on occasion at the Sheb Niktose, drinking ne'tra gal with his peers. When a group of rebel operatives traveled to Vlemoth Port to seek the aid of the local Mandalorian mercenaries, they spent time at the Sheb Niktose while they waited to meet with the leader of the mercenaries, Vera Beroya. There, the rebels were invited to join Teroch at the bar, and the old Mandalorian drank several shots of tihaar with the rebel agents while discussing Arumorut's history.[1]

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The Sheb Niktose cantina was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in Fantasy Flight Games' Age of Rebellion adventure book Friends Like These, published December 8, 2016.


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