Sheebareevadee (Sheeb) was a Squib shop owner who, in 13 ABY, ran Sheebareevadee's Emporium of Interstellar Goods in Jugsmuk Station on Gamorr. The shop was an unkempt affair that offered general goods. Sheeb hated Gamorr and had become more and more depressed from living there. This affected his mood; unlike most Squibs, Sheebareevadee only haggled half-heartedly, and he preferred lying about to doing actual work. He entertained vague notions of selling off his wares and relocating, but he simply lacked the initiative to follow through.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Sheebareevadee is a gamemaster character in Timothy S. O'Brien's background notes for the short story "Murder in Slushtime" by Barbara Hambly, published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal 14 by West End Games. The Squib does not actually appear in the story itself, so this is considered a source rather than an appearance. The article misspells his species name Squibb.[1]


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