Sheebareevadee's Emporium of Interstellar Goods was a shop that sold general-purpose items in Jugsmuk Station on Gamorr. The store was owned and run by a Squib named Sheebareevadee (Sheeb). The building it was in was rundown, and its owner, unlike most members of his species, was a lackluster haggler. Life on Gamorr depressed him, but he had little initiative to sell of the store's stocks and move to another planet.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The emporium is described in Timothy S. O'Brien's background notes for the short story "Murder in Slushtime" by Barbara Hambly, published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal 14 by West End Games. The shop does not actually appear in the story itself, so this is considered a source rather than an appearance.[1]


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