"Shell is no one's son. His family was murdered on Alderaan. He was here visiting his grandmother, but the shock of the attack was too much for her and... He's on his own now. We all look after him."
J'er Nahj[src]

Shell was a Human male from Alderaan. When his homeworld was destroyed by the first Death Star, Shell became an orphan and was one of the many refugee Alderaanians who settled on the planet Delaya.


"I'm not crying."
"I can see that. Where are your parents?
"In building seven. I got lost."
―Shell to Princess Leia Organa[src]

He was visiting his grandmother on Delaya when the Empire destroyed Alderaan with the first Death Star. Due to the shock, his grandmother died shortly after, leaving him an orphan. He was taken in by the rest of the Alderaanian refugees who settled on Delaya, looked after particularly by Halle Dray and J'er Nahj.

When Princess Leia Organa made a visit to Delaya to assist the refugee effort and recruit new members to the Rebel Alliance, Shell was ordered by Nahj and the other refugees to lure Organa away from Delaya's government officials, in order to kidnap her then show the poor housing and conditions the refugees are being subjected to. Shell pretended to be lost and elicited sympathy from Organa. However, it was Luke Skywalker who accompanied him to his home and was the one taken by Nahj' men. Later, he apologized to Skywalker for lying to him, an apology the rebel pilot accepted.