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Shenayag was a female Sith Lord who served as a member in the Brotherhood of Darkness.


During the New Sith Wars, Shenayag served as an instructor at the Sith Academy on Korriban. Along with LaTor, Qordis, Orilltha, Kopecz and Kas'im, the Sith were called away from Korriban to meet with Lord Kaan, Dark Lord of the Sith. The Dark Lord offered them a chance to unite and fight together against the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order. Shenayag was claimed the title of Dark Lord in order to end the waging campaigns against each other. As the war began to spread across the galaxy, Shenayag became a notable member of the Brotherhood of Darkness.

During the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, Shenayag and the sith retreated into the depths of Ruusan caves where they witnessed the creation of the Thought Bomb by Kaan and LaTor. Following Kaan's guidance, the Thought Bomb's effect would not kill her or the other sith, and that it would only exterminate the Jedi, but they were wrong. The Thought Bomb was meant to kill all force-sensitives, which includes the Jedi and Sith. The Army of Light moved in for their final encounter against the Sith, and Shenayag fought for her last breath until Kaan activated the Thought Bomb. All the Jedi and the Sith were wiped out from the battlefield, and the souls were consumed into the force nexus where they would remain trapped for eternity. Since Kaan was the one who activated the bomb, he was able to escape, leaving the rest of the sith to remain in prison. Shenayag possibly abandoned the dark side and took her first step towards the light side since she came to the point that Kaan deceived them, and that they would never survive.

A thousand years which led to the fall of the Republic, and the rise of the Galactic Empire under the rule of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, the spirits remained in the prison until Inquisitor Jerec planned to absorb the power from the force nexus. His efforts have failed when Kyle Katarn defeated him in a lightsaber duel, and all the spirits would eventually be released and become one with the Force.

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