"What is a three-fingered shenbit wrangler, anyway?"
"Seven fingers too slow."
Taryn Zel and Han Solo[src]

The shenbit bonecrusher was a large carnivorous lizard native to the planet of Barab I. It was covered with bony and thorny plates. It also had two horns and a long tail.

Barabels hunted bonecrushers for sport and meat. Although the shenbit was extremely dangerous to most humanoid species of the galaxy, it was considered to be fairly average prey among the Barabels. In fact, in the Barabel, "shenbit" roughly translated to "weak person" in Galactic Basic Standard.

The Braxant Bonecrusher and the shenbit bonecrusher blow were named after the species.

Saba Sebatyne often referred to shenbits while making comparisons and examples.