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Shendan was a male Human Sith Lord who served the resurgent Sith Empire during the Cold War.


"So naive. But I feel... calm!"
―Shendan's last words[src]

In 3641 BBY, Shendan was sent to the planet Voss to eliminate Gaden-Ko in order for the people of Voss to join the Empire. He took his chance by stabbing Gaden-Ko, but the Jedi Consular engaged him to prevent this assassination attempt. The Consular took the upper hand, and Shendan was badly wounded. Shendan was impressed how strong the Jedi was, and he close to dying. Instead of killing him, The Jedi Consular redeemed him to release his hatred, and feel the sanctity in the light side. Shendan, for the first time in his life, felt the calmness in him, and died peacefully.