"This is Captain Shenes of His Imperial Majesty's Star Destroyer Fist of the Empire! We are taking heavy damage. We will keep fighting as long as we can. Any assistance we could receive with these Annihilators would be appreciated. We live to serve the true Emperor!"
―Captain Shenes[src]

Shenes was a male Human Imperial Navy Captain loyal to Emperor Roan Fel. In 138 ABY, Shenes commanded the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer Fist of the Empire during the Battle of Coruscant. As the battle progressed, the Fist of the Empire was suffered heavy damage from Sith Annihilator-class starfighters, prompting Shenes to request aid, ensure his liege that he and his crew would fight as long as they could as well as proclaim his loyalty to the true Emperor. Shortly afterward, however, the Fist of the Empire was destroyed by the Sith starfighters. Captain Shenes perished alongside his crew.


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