Sherk was a male Human who lived during the Clone Wars, working as a customs officer in the city Tolea Biqua on the planet Genarius in the Cularin system, where he was responsible for inspecting starships that arrived in the city. In around 20 BBY,[1] the Cularin Office of Public Safety agent Ezra Du'Re traveled to Tolea Biqua and on arrival there, she met with Sherk, who informed her of how to get into contact with the smuggler Thook Lafrell.

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Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Living Force Campaign Guide states that the Living Force campaign is set one year after the Invasion of Naboo, an event that is dated to 32 BBY by The New Essential Chronology. As the Living Force adventure Philology moved the campaign forward ten years to the time of the Clone Wars, and the adventure Night's Homecoming established that by Year 4 of the campaign over a year had elapsed since the events of Philology, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Rodian can therefore be dated to circa 20 BBY.