"I'll be glad when this is done. I feel as rough as old boots. Qail can make me a nice pot of shig when I get home, maybe with a splash of tihaar in it."
Mij Gilamar[src]

Shig was a Mandalorian tisane, a beverage infusion made from any available herb. The citrus-flavored herb called behot was a popular choice for making shig,[1] and was often used as a natural relaxant.[2] Shig brewed from the behot herb possessed an amber coloring, and retained the plant's citrus flavor.[3] Some Mandalorians enjoyed splicing their shig by adding a touch of tihaar, a powerful alcoholic spirit Mandalorians distilled from fruit.[4]

Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan found shig soothing to her stomach while she was pregnant,[2] and her adopted Mandalorian father, Kal Skirata, enjoyed a mug of shig to calm his nerves. Cantinas along Chortav Meshurkaane in Keldabe sold mugs of shig,[4] and the native anti-Imperial resistance fighters of Toprawa brewed their own shig from locally grown behot herbs by the end of the Clone Wars. While working with the resistance on Toprawa, the Jedi Knight-in-hiding Jax Pavan came to develop a taste for the hot beverage, and drank shig often during his time on the planet.[3]

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Shig was first introduced to Star Wars canon in the 2006 Star Wars Insider article, The Mandalorians: People and Culture, by Republic and Imperial Commando series author, Karen Traviss. Shig made its first appearance a year later, in Traviss' 2007 novel, Republic Commando: True Colors. The drink again appeared in Traviss' later novel, Imperial Commando: 501st, as well as Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff's 2013 novel, The Last Jedi.



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