Shiin's Library was a library located in the city of Mos Eisley, on the planet of Tatooine. The library was privately maintained by Shiin. The library contained an impressive collection of records and information Shiin had amassed over the years, and the library was only opened to those beings who were truly scholars in search of data. Access to the library was maintained by a droid gatewatcher that grumpily asked each visitor a series of questions to verify their educational background and reasons for access. Once past the gatewatcher, visitors were greeted by Shiin herself, or at least a being who claimed to be Shiin. She collected a small fee from each visitor, then led them to a computer access terminal from which they could gather information. Hidden within the databanks of Shiin's Library were the B'omarr Registry and the Quilan Pyradex, just to name a few of the obscure and unusual documents Shiin had collected. Other information was regularly culled from corporate and governmental networks, and Shiin sometimes offered her services as slicer to her clientele.